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Welcome to Nycaus, this website shares information on various things around your residence. All content contained in this website are protected by law. Therefore it is expected not to change the content of the article without permission from Nycaus. Violation of this can be continued to the laws applicable in your area.

If you want to share and disseminate the contents of the articles contained in Nycaus website, it is recommended to include a link or links to the page article in question on the website Nycaus.

Nycaus website visitors may comment on articles read. Fill out a comment that is not a policy or the opinion of Nycaus that submitted comments is not the responsibility of Nycaus and become the responsibility of the comments completely.

Visitors to the website can report comments that violate the provisions of both legal and socially accepted in your region such as certain comments offensive or abusive comments or unethical and offensive personal / specific institution. Nycaus has the right to follow up on the reported comments and will not weigh and later decide to delete or keep publishing comments in question.

Nycaus hope with good intentions that have been carried out by us have an impact on the website visitors Nycaus to always abide by the rules and ethics that are listed in the legislation.