Privacy Policy

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Nycaus visitor privacy is one of our paramount concern. Below is a privacy policy that explains the kind and type of personal information that collected and received by Nycaus.

Log files

types of log files collected by Nycaus among which is the IP address, demographic information, tracking where visitors access the website, the number of visitor clicks, time and date of access into or out of web pages, internet service providers (ISPs) used by visitors, browser type, and internet protocol address (IP address).

Web Beacon and Coockies

Nycaus website does not require cookies to store information about your preferences, recording user information when accessing the page in question or customize Web page content via browser or type of information provided by a visitor through a browser. But it was likely we do the recording and several partner websites advertising partners of Nycaus use web beacons and cookies on Nycaus visitors. In this case our advertising partner is Google Adsense.

Network of third-party ad server when displaying advertising links on the website through a browser by Nycaus will directly receive your ip address. In addition to the above technology, there is the possibility of third party advertising partners use technology to display ads based on the personalization and effectiveness of the content that you see.

Nycaus not have control access cookies used by third-party advertising partner partner. Therefore, you can have a consultation and to read the privacy policies of third party advertising partner partner that obtained more detailed information about their activities. So Nycaus acquitted of all charges if you are you a personal policy abuse committed by a third partner ad partner.

If you do not agree with the policies implemented by the third party advertising partner, you can disable recording of cookies through the settings on your browser. Information of cookie settings can be found on the official website browser that you use.

This page confirms ownership of the site and this website belongs comply with the requirements of the Google Adsense program policies listed on page